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Jason "J" Melton


"Always on Target" is my motto. 

   I am the owner and operator of M.A.R.K Howard Precision here in Robbins located in the southern part of beautiful Scott County Tennessee.

  You ask who is M.A.R.K Howard? Well, it is an acronym for Michael, Ariel, Rubyann and Kevin that is my nephew, niece, daughter and son. The Howard part is after my late Grandfather Papa Howard Rumbuagh.  Family is the most important thing we have under God. I keep them close to my heart in all things I do. that is why.

 Being On Target with my God, my Family, and my Country are the things that make MARK Howard Precision want to be the best Gunsmith and Customization shop  I can. I feel that these memories are worth keeping and preserving. Both Modern and Antique firearms, preserve and repair them all is our moto. 

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